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Audello for iOS is the supporting iOS app for the number one internet marketer’s podcasting and audio platform, Audello! From the makers of EasyVideoPlayer and EasyVideoSuite, Audello is here to energise audio again and empower your podcasts. By WebActix

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Sugar Glider


The adorable and amazing air flying endless level physics arcade style game perfect for children and the e is a Games app for iOS developed by Dennis Bowles. It has a rating of 0.0, based on the votes given by 0 different users. The current version of this Sugar Glider Xtreme – The adorable and amazing air flying endless level physics arcade style game perfect for children.

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Swap Is The Art Of Introduction. Build a profile to share your story with others by creatively defining yourself. Swap is a place to match and collaborate with people nearby. Tag industries to collaborate & match with like-minded people. Express your craft, profession, and passions to cultivate relationships with like-minded individuals.

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Echo allows you to turn your dreams and inspirations into a polaroid to post and share with the community. You can swipe to left if you are not interested, and swipe to the right if you are inspired by others’ dreams. You not only can create, like, and comment any post, but also adding others’ posts to your profile by favoriting them. Echo aims to help any person who is pursuing their passion and provide as much support as people need along the long hard journey. Share your dreams.

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A handy free calculator for Registered Dietician Nutritionists developed by a practicing RDN to make the assessment calculation process simpler and more organized. The app features calculations for estimated calories and proteins, tube feeding, and BMI.
This app is a reference tool, please rely on your clinical judgment in making your assessments.


Easy Video Suit


EasyVideoSuite for iOS is the supporting iOS app for the hit video marketing software, EasyVideoSuite!

Now supporting the iPhone 3GS and up!

From the makers of EasyVideoPlayer 2, EVS gives you more power than ever and with this companion app, you can easily record and upload videos into your account wherever you are! Shooting video from the iPhone has never been so easy.

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Book My Table


Book My Table allows you to book your favourite restaurant table, so you can enjoy your meal without any worry of getting table or waiting for it. Also track which restaurants you have been so you can easily book it again. Gives you actual view of restaurant and tables so u can choose the table and time slot.

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Kids app helps in bringing parents, faculty and kids together by using power of communication. It Allow teachers to give their students remarks subjectively which will help parents over the years to know what is best for their kids. It makes the burden of having diaries , home work , attendance records go away with very easy to use application interface and makes the class home work a fun.

Parent can see what is the latest activities on the school campus just by look at the app. its all in all a great app which will change the way of education and learning.

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